Shift to Sustainable Value

The economic system of today was built on the assumption of ample raw materials, inexpensive energy, limited consideration of waste, and shareholder primacy.

The global challenges associated with dealing sustainably with resources, environment and society and the need for realizing sustainable growth in the wake of the latest financial crisis, leads to a new emerging model, one of « responsible capitalism »

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BLUNOVA helps companies to develop profitable and sustainable business strategies and practices that contribute to a more sustainable world while simultaneously driving shareholder value; this we define as the creation of sustainable value by the firm.

We are strongly connected in the cleantech clusters in Europe, therefor we can function as access point in your search for innovative clean technology & business models and have the skills to speed up open innovation projects through facilitating stakeholder engagement.

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Experienced Team

Creating Added Value through Sustainability represents a new approach to strategic management that cuts across a number of disciplines and requires a set of capabilities that our team combines successfully.

When relevant, we partner with affiliate organisations and flexible individuals to complement our capabilities and ensure maximum reach within the European cleantech network.

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